What is Tablecloth?

Tablecloth is a powerful and flexible data tables solution built specifically for CraftCMS. It allows for building a front facing table or index page for any of Craft's native elements, as well as Products and Variants for Craft Commerce.

The plugin comes with a default table powered by Tailwind and AlpineJS. The user can override any component or the entire table, and even change the table layout to a card layout (e.g for displaying products). All table functionality can be triggered programmatically, including filtering, sorting, pagination and row selection, which allows for a complete separation of UI and behavior. The package supports creating "presets" of reusable tables that can be used across data sources.

The basic process of building a table/index usually consists of two steps:

  1. Defining the table source (e.g Entries or Products), columns and options on Craft's backend.

  2. (Optional, depending on the table) Creating twig templates for the table and/or specific columns or column types, with simple and declarative AlpineJS syntax.

The table can then be rendered anywhere in the page with a simple twig function.

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