List of Events to Listen to via .on()

  • init.loading: Initial data request was sent

  • init.loaded: Initial data request was completed. Sends through the data (The entire dataset in case of a Client table, and the first page in case of a Server table).

  • row-select: rows were selected (only relevant when the Row select component is enabled). Sends through the selected rows.

  • paginate: Page has changed. Sends through the new page.

  • sort: Sort has changed. Sends through an object with column and asc (is ascending?) properties.

  • query: Free filter search. Sends through the query. (only relevant when Filter component is enabled).

  • perPage: Records per page changed. (Only relevant when Per Page component is enabled).

  • loading: Server table only. Loading data and count.

  • Server table only. Data was loaded. Sends through the data.

  • loaded.count: Server table only. Count request completed. Sends through total records count.

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