Select which fields to load and display

The last step for moving the table from draft to active status is defining the columns.

After you clicked "Save and Continue" at the end of the previous step, the page will reload with multiple tabs, and the "Columns" tab will be auto selected:

"Source" will take you back to the previous step. We will explain the purpose of the other tabs later. For now, the only required step is defining the columns.

Click on the "Add Column" button:

Select a field. Heading will automatically be populated with field name, but of course you can change it.


Check the "Filterable" option if you want the column to be included in the general free text filter that is (optionally) displayed above the table. Note that it does not need to be checked if you plan on using a designated custom filter for this column specifically (more on this later).


Check the "Sortable" option to display the sort icon on the heading cell for the given column.


Check the "Hidden" option if you want the data to be loaded from the server, but you do not wish to display it as an independent column. Use cases include displaying the data inside another column using a custom template, or using the data for filtering and sorting purposes.


Repeat the process for all columns you wish to add.

Note the -/+ sign on the top-left corner of each column block. It can be used to collapse the column. Columns can be reordered using drag-and-drop and deleted using the X on the top-right corner.

That's all for basic table definition! We are now ready to render the table. The rest of this section will be dedicated to the other optional tabs to the right of "Columns".

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